Tobrianna Lassbow
Tobrianna Tn
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: Tobries, Tobs (referred by close friends), Rainbow Head (referred by Tyrone Rex)
Species: Rainbow Lass
Age: 15
Friends: Darling, Gummy-Bubble (sometimes), Banana Joanna, Aloha, Row, Pellet
Enemies: Richard
Relatives: Richard (brother), Adeloiyn Lassbow (mother), Rashoryle Lassbow (father)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: My Second Friend
Voice: Barbara Lee

Tobrianna is one of the supporting characters in Gummy-Bubble's Coolest Planet. She's a student in Mister Simeon's class at Ellamora Senior High. Her first appearance was in My Second Friend, when she became Darling's friend for fifty gums.


Tobrianna thinks she's an awesome soccer player. But in real, she's one of the dumbest in sports. Even she's one of the worst, dumbest, athlete, she's obsessed with sports. She's also somewhat a genius since she was able to hack Gummy's account in "My Account is Hacked", although later, she revealed that Darling revealed the password during a field trip to Flowris, Flawnce (a reference to the Gummy Bubble's Coolest Movie EVER!). She also got a crush on Pellet, making Gummy a little jealous. She also somewhat a bully, since he tossed Anion's toy car, a replica of the model of Ragrotts 301X.


Gummy-Bubble Popperton

They are somewhat frenemies at the same time. Gummy somewhat hated her at times she's trying to "steal" Darling away from her in My Second Friend. When she reunites with Darling in Tobrianna's house, Tobrianna asked if she can play with them, which both of them ignores.