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Gummy-Bubble Tristina Popperton is your average student in Gumplanet. She is a 17-years old student in Ellamora Senior High. Despite being a good student, her classmates always end up humiliating her. Everyone gets wild after school. From glam parties to wild parties. Gummy calls it a disaster. Will Gummy success or she'll end up as a school dope with students who wants to humiliate her every minute?

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Check the comments section out to judge what your favorite Gumball art is. These are the competing Gummy-Bubble artists, if i've forgotten your name or your art isn't posted in the blog, alert Patricia Verlean.

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GRAND OPENING OF THE SHOW! This is the grand opening of the show! It may be fan-made but we're making it popular!

THE COMMENTS GOING! However, you can still go to the Gummy-Bubble forums for conversations and mingling amongst other Gummy-Bubble fans.

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Featured Article of June: Karate Chop POW!

Karate Chop POW! is a song from "My Karate Chop" that Gummy and Darling get "courage" from. They do air guitar and karate moves all throughout it. Rickard apparently knows the song, as she joins in later; stating that it's a great track.


When I look at some bullies.

All they want is to punch me.

All I need is a sensei.


WAAAAHHHH!!!! (read more...)

Latest Episode: My Awesome Chop

When Tyrone starts bullying Gummy, he demands to have a duel with her after school.(read more...)

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Previous Winners: Ellamora Sr. High is on a mountain. Karate Chop POW! was meant for courage. Gummy's shirt came from the garbage can. Darling's name is a nonsense name made by the creator. Rickard would be 12 in 1978.

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